ISCC system building

The 2009/28/EK directive of the European Parlament and Coulcil says about the support for renewabel energy. This means financial support can be given for the consumption of bioplants and liquid bio-energy only if their production corresponds with the directive’s sustainability criteria.
The ISCC (International Sustainability and CarbonCertification) is a system formed by the Ministry of German Federal Food industry, Agricultural and Consumer protection in order to control these criterias from the plow land to the product utilization.
After these standards were published the Feed Satfety was one of the first consultation companies which helped the companies in Hungary, Slovakia and Romania to build the new system.
Currently we have built up and assisted in getting the first certificate and in the renewing audits for more than 100 firms.
We can help in both the ISSC DE and both the ISCC EU standards for our partners.